Jared's prosopography

Jared, Prosopography -

Jared's prosopography

Jared Allen Frerichs

  • Born: September 8th, 1982 (Virgo)
  • Height: 6'2" (188 cm)
  • Weight: 185 lbs (84 kg)
  • Education: Master of Arts Organizational Leadership, Gonzaga University. Bachelor of Arts Political Science, American Military University
  • Religious views: agnostic


 Early life 

My upbringing was humble, but I consider myself lucky compared to many...

My family at Mount Rushmore

In 1982, I was born to my mother shortly after she graduated from high school in Burbank, Washington. As a child, I never knew my biological father. My mother married my step-father, who I called "dad," soon after I was born.

My parents always struggled to earn money. Growing up in poverty we were intermittently homeless--at one time we lived out of the stock room of a computer store where my dad worked.

As I was entering the third grade, my family settled in Waitsburg, a small town with a population of only 1,200 residents. Growing up in rural Eastern Washington afforded me the opportunity and freedom to wander fields, forests, and riverbanks. Most summer days were spent playing in a river, while turning over stones on the hunt for crawdads. This was how I fell in love with our land and its natural beauty.

In 1996, our town flooded, and we were forced to evacuate our home. With no where to go and no other options--my friends and I spent hours filling sandbags until our hands were blistered and our backs were sore. This taught me a how a strong community overcomes adversity together.

In high school I was a solid "C" student, but active in football, track, band, drama, student government, and the Future Farmers of America.

My introduction to politics came as a junior lobbyist for the American Cancer Society. At the age of 15, the experience opened my eyes to how a kid from a trailer park could impact society through simply getting involved.

In my senior year, I became an expecting teenage parent. I transferred to an alternative school, which allowed me to work full-time and participate in the pregnancy. Ultimately, it was discovered that the child was not mine.  

Lobbying the legislature at the age of 15


Professional life

My success has come from turning obstacles into opportunities through hard work and talent. 

Operation Iraqi Freedom circa 2004

My first job was as a paper carrier for the Walla Walla Union Bulletin. Six-days a week I loaded news papers into my sack and delivered them around town on my bicycle. The $120 a month I collected was enough to cover the lot fee for our family's single-wide trailer.

In the year 2000, after taking my oath of enlistment, I began the delayed entry program with the United States Coast Guard and received a $10,000 signing bonus to become a telecommunication specialist. 

My combat deployment in 2004 was a formative experience in my life. As the communications petty officer on a 110' patrol boat, my unit engaged in littoral combat operations on the waterways and coasts of Iraq. We fought pirates with pistols and knives in the middle of storms at sea. Being in constant danger and under threat of attack instilled in me a calm and quiet mind in the face of chaos.

My other deployments included Hurricane Katrina in 2005, where we saved over 30,000 lives. The Haiti Earth quake in 2010, and the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in 2010.

After I honorably discharged from the Coast Guard I returned to Washington and began attending college and working full-time. 

For my growth as a leader and to gain understanding of the issues within our system--I sought employment with organizations serving our most challenging and vulnerable citizens: foster youth, incarcerated individuals, and the elderly. The best approach to discover root causes of an issue is from the bottom-up.

While working with incarcerated individuals as part of a pilot program to reduce violence in prison; I saw first hand how facilitating empathy has a cascading effect from an individual to society. Our program reduced violence in the Washington State Penitentiary by 90% within the cohorts.

As a strategic initiatives specialist working at Excelsior Wellness Center, it was an honor to work with dedicated professionals and the foster youth and families they support. In six-months we raised more than $600,000 through grants and donations. We also hosted a live television event to combat child-abuse that brought together a a cross-section of community stakeholders.

In January 2019, I left the nine-to-five world and started my small business. A consulting firm with a mission of supporting individuals and organizations who want to increase their geo-political influence through ethical engagement in the systems and institutions which govern our lives.

Homless debate in Spokane

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