Anarchy in context.

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Anarchy in context.


Anarchist schools


Anarchism is a political philosophy concerned with human liberty and dignity. The philosophy prefers voluntary associations and cooperatives in place of hegemonic institutions.


If you are still reading and not a ghost, what are you doing? Choose an assignment or pick out your own flavor of anarchy and start cooperating.

Teamwork makes the dream(s) work. 

In the absence of a central coercive body (e.g., monarchy) order is maintained through empathy and mutual self-interest. This is how a stateless society can operate with rules and no rulers. Anarchists are less concerned with disagreements between horizontals as with verticals.


Go. Don't know how or who to cooperate with? Apply some do-it-yourself effort. Start locally with friends and family, contact the Mewniverse, or try building a body of practice.























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