An introduction of an unknown poet

An introduction of an unknown poet


Art therapy is good for maintaining positive behavioral health. An art form I enjoy is creative writing. This is a creative writing project. It doesn’t follow any conventional methods or styles. Meaning, it isn’t formatted in APA or iambic pentameter. 

Here are three truths learned from the psychotic break of an unknown poet. Written and delivered as stand-up comedy acts in the format of Ted Talks. 

Bleed with words not razorblades. Paraphrasing Hemingway’s advice to “Sit in front of the typewriter and bleed.” Hemingway is growing out of touch because we don’t use typewriters anymore. However, his advice is sound. This is me sitting in front of Microsoft Word and bleeding. 

Recently, overworking myself caused me to have a psychotic break. For those of us who have never had a psychotic break, it is an injury to your psyche. An injury to your psyche is the same as an injury to your hamstring. Imagine if you will, running a race as fast as you can. As you reach ludicrous speed you feel the large muscle in your thigh tear and snap like an overstretched rubber band. The pain radiating up your leg is white-hot as the world around blurs. Landing face first in the dirt, your vision comes into focus and you see a butterfly. Both types of injury, mental and physical, require time and space for recovery.  

Currently, I am in the process of cleaning up the broken pieces of ego I left on the floor. I examine the pieces closely before I put them back into my brain. This process is important for me. With any good deep cleaning project, it is important to first organize the mess through sorting. I am sorting pieces as good thoughts and bad thoughts. 

One of the pieces I want to keep are the lessons I learned from Demosthenes of Athens. We can call him “Demo” for short. Demo is someone who overcame adversity. It would be wise for a person to follow his techniques. Instead of writing this information down factually, I instead will take on the role of Demo and speak to the important parts of his lessons. Those he taught us about life and the value of human voice.

Human voice is valuable in our everyday lives. We do not choose our voice. Our voice is a magic wand assigned to us at birth. When we speak sometimes magical things happen. If you communicate correctly, “May I please have a Big-Mac,” a McDonald’s Big-Mac can appear for you to eat. McDonald’s delivers with Uber Eats. Always tip your drivers, they are wage slaves for a dying business model. I know because I drive for Uber when I am unemployed, and they won’t answer me on LinkedIn. Welcome to the gig economy. 

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