Introduction to class consciousness

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Introduction to class consciousness

First written 08/10/2019

Elites--The oligarchs have their unique class substrata, but are broadly divided into three main categories: financial, spiritual, and government leaders. The small membership circles vie for control of the levers that move the world with direct and indirect proxy conflict. The elites attempt to distance themselves from conflict, so they may maintain their social networks, which are vital for their survival. 

Sub-elites--The group of experts who support elites in their control and extraction of wealth from the people. Comprised of professional individuals such as: academics, lawyers, technocrats, and bureaucrats. They are delegated with the task of writing rules for the various games.

The People--A Romantic term for you. The elites and sub-elites belong to or come from the People. However, their privilege and status makes them unique because a billionaire's life is a supra-natural phenomenon. Meaning, it is above and beyond the stereotypical human experience.

Distribution of violence 

Violence--A central export that trickles from the top and is propagated along the horizontals. Violence is a force that follows the laws of classical physics. Therefore making it a reality for us creatures who are bound by the power of our collective reality, like a sewer rat. 

We observe cascading violence in international relations. A discrete foreign policy of stronger States involves the disruption of weaker economies. Like a baby bird who pushes it's sibling out of the nest. This act of violence helps the stronger State stay ahead in the race

The elites cascade violence down the ladder for the same purpose. However, it isn't always clear whether it is intentional. 

Cascading violence is transformed into horizontal violence with support from the sub-elites through the development of pedagogy. The pedagogy develops and shapes the barrier-narratives that divide the People.

Wealth extrapolation

Wealth--Labor being a type of force adheres to the laws of thermal dynamics. Your surplus labor is extrapolated and distributed according to the dynamics of labor entropy.

As labor is exerted in activities for pursuits outside of it's intended design there are diminishing returns. When we consider the design of the human body, what work is it best suited for?


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