Sex talk sex freaks

Sex talk sex freaks


Sex talk sex freaks.

The true nature of our sexuality isn't discussed in the public discourse.  My assumption is our puritanical roots and being uncomfortable in our own skin. There is a gap between who we are and what we desire. However, things have been slowly loosening up on a cosmic level.

Remember when 50 Shades mania breezed through the thighs of women, and everyone else, here in the United States? Much of it preempted and paralleled #metoo. Demonstrating for us the broad boundaries and rituals we associate with consensual and non-consensual sex.

Within those boundaries are sex workers. Sex workers consist of anyone who makes a job out of getting us off. There is a distinct difference between sex workers and sex traffickers. One is your best friend in a lonely world and the other we try to kill or imprison.

How do we tell the difference? Under current regulation standards here in Washington State it can be difficult. 

Why do we care? Well, my hypothesis is we would see a disruption of the markets sex traffickers thrive in if we decriminalized sex work. Similar to what we have seen from legalizing alcohol and cannabis. There is additional precedent from my experiences that formulates this hypothesis as well. 

When we take away the legal threat associated with an act, like purchasing a single serving lover, it does a few things objectively -- First, lower risk leads to lower costs. Second, it integrates sex workers into society more than they are now. Third it is a step towards us all chilling the fuck out. 


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