We are a byproduct and symptom of our colonial near history

We are a byproduct and symptom of our colonial near history


The diegesis of the Great Gatsby taught us an important lesson. We can not successfully relocate from West to East. Our brains will explode if we try to.   

We in the Pacific Northwest live on what was once the final frontier of civilized society in the United States. Our ancestors were anti-social freaks, too weird for the cluttered urban East Coast. They sought escape and took to the The Oregon Trail 

Our shared near history is horny lumberjacks and mineral miners busily whitewashing the First People’s culture and land. The international tech superpower, Seattle, was founded by prostitutesToday, Spokane contends with sex-workers and the houseless. Something special is in store for us if we don’t fuck it up. 

We of the Pacific Northwest are children of ugly things who grew up in astonishing beauty. A unique truth, beauty and ugly are sisters. Neither inherently good nor bad, but evil does hide in their shadows. 

When we embrace beauty and ugly with love, an amazing thing happens. We master shame and become brave. Brave enough to accept who we are and what we have done.

The People are the blood and lifeforce that fuels the heart of a city. Restricting our citizens is the same peril as suffering a blood clot in our heart. Venerate the hobo, and let them course through our cities like blood in our veins.

Nine out of 10 Doctors agree, cardiovascular health is important for cognition and survival in any figurative or literal body. 

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