What the fuck is a daimon?

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What the fuck is a daimon?

The first daimon in recoded history palled around with Socrates. 

The philosopher Socrates was a paragon for pursuing wisdom and meaning. His work was so profound it divides intellectual antiquity into pre-and-post Socratic philosophy. Much of what you know and think probably came from Socrates first.

Psychologists, lawyers and doctors use the Socratic Method to this day to deduce principals and values of a subject (Hint: You are the Subject).

However, Socrates would have never achieved what he did in his lifetime without the assistance of his daimon...

Facts about daimons:

  • A daimon is different than what we may commonly fear as a demon (spelling is everything when it comes to spirits).
  • A daimon guides an individual towards eudaimonia.
  • A daimon does not posses a person or cause them to do unnatural things with their body.
  • A daimon is a benevolent guide and gift from the higher power--similar to Jiminy Cricket.
  • A daimon is the opposite gender of their audience or the person with whom they speak.
  • Daimons are incredibly rare and only accompany unique individuals.

Socrate's daimon never told him what to do, but only what not to do. While on trial for insurrection and execution, Socrate's daimon never told him to shut up, and this is how Socrates knew that death was nothing to fear. 

Fair warning Prokopton, while on your journey if a daimon chooses you, learning how to communicate with them may lead you to madness if you are pursuing anything other than virtue.



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