Anarchist playbook v1.0

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How-To video (4:44 watch time)

This playbook is a total of 993-pages offering a wide range of learning material for community engagement and participation with *free bonus content included!


Assemble your very own body of practice and start the fight for freedom today!

Body of practice (BOP): Is a self-organizing affinity group model designed by the urban survival co-op.

Using a simple and open design allows teams to customize the model for their use, while maintaining standards for interoperability. For example, groups of freedom fighters cooperating for personal development, financial gain, and/or mutual self-interest to achieve an objective benefiting the members and their community.

  • Item: Digital download of the playbook: Body of practice and the nine-personality types, plus bonus content*
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  • Version: 1.0

Example bodies: Three painters want to create a mural. Five gamers want to create a guild. Seven musicians want to create a band.



Team building. We understand how challenging it can be to get individuals involved and working together (e.g. volunteers, artists, parts). A purpose of ours is improving team cohesion and sustainability.


Our professional team developed an easy-to-use guide. The guide uses photos and step-by-step instructions on how to develop and maintain a healthy body of practice. You can purchase the guide here or join the Mewniverse for your free copy.


This guide is a proprietary mix of best practices from insurgencies, affinity groups, and the U.S. military on how to form and sustain an independently operated learning team.


*Bonus additional content:

Army field manual: Urban operations

Learn to fight like the greatest modern army in urban environments. This field manual covers different types of urban defense operations and engagements. 

Marine Corps Marksmanship coaches' course

Learn combat marksmanship skills like a rifleman from the United States Marine Corps with the entire coaches' course lesson plan.