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Spokane Instagram model: Emily

Focus: The other

Motivation: Understanding and identity

Fear: Non-existence


Where do we begin and you end? Sensing those around us, bonding quickly, do they see who we are? In life, is it better to be looked through like glass or to reflect like a mirror?

 A black shirt with a pink triangle. When things are kept simple we understand quickly the reality of our situation. Our philosophy is multum parvo, or a lot in a little. Combining simple expressions and deeper context to create an anti-fashion statement.


The unisex shirts are cut longer in the torso and are made with high quality cotton that softens with each wash. The logos are durable and designed to wear with age. Additional styles are offered in a wide range, but only in black.

Each shirt comes with a digital download of the latest version of our team building quick reference sheet called "Body of Practice." The reference sheet is a quick guide for keeping a team grounded in its purpose and focused.


Size guide

Body Length (inches) 27 28 29 30 31 32
Body Width (inches) 17 ½ 19 20 ½ 22 24 26