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Mew-ni-verse: A Discord community defining itself as a mix between an underground railroad, concierge, and index for gamers, parts, and artists. T-shirt order issues: @Mercurtio#7006 To gain access: Step 1. Sign-up with Discord if you need to. Access it through your browser or the mobile app. Step 2. Teleport to the Mewniverse: https://mewniverse.xyz/discord Step 3. Communicate, game, and resolve service related issues. Step 4. ? Step 5. Profit. If you need more assistance, please refer to the instructional video: Warning  The server administrators are associated with the cooperative, but they operate the server according to their methods. Customer satisfaction is not guaranteed....

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Chapter One: Riya, Thus Spoke Anahita -

Anahita: I am the Angel-Goddess of all the waters upon the earth and the source of the Cosmic ocean; I am she who drives a chariot pulled by four horses: Sirocco, Monsoon, Nimbus, and Sleet; My symbol is the eight-rayed star. I am the source of life, purifying the seed of all men and the wombs of all women, and cleansing the milk in the breasts of all mothers. My connection with life means warriors in battle pray to me for survival and victory. Now, here and then it was Autumn. In the Northern Latitudes the mornings were cold and...

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Daimons, Eudaimonia, Socrates -

Facts about daimons:

  • A daimon is different than what we may commonly fear as a demon (spelling is everything when it comes to spirits).
  • A daimon guides an individual towards eudaimonia.
  • A daimon does not posses a person or cause them to do unnatural things with their body.
  • A daimon is a benevolent gift and guide--similar to Jiminy Cricket.
  • A daimon is typically the opposite gender of their audience or the person with whom they speak.
  • Daimons are incredibly rare and only accompany unique individuals.

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Daimon, Ethics -

Written under guidance from the Admiral on 12/19/2018. My life is guided by an ethical code higher than any policy or strategic intent of the organizations I have yet to encounter. As an agnostic, I am not guided by a theology. I admit theology has had a significant impact on my life. My beliefs are influenced by the religions I have practiced or observed. Inter-mixed with my religious experiences has been an education guided by classical thinking. I am aware of myself as the observer and the role that plays in the human condition. I am aware I will die someday and whatever happens beyond...

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